Case Study - Stay Ahead, With Tech That Keeps Up

Southeast Medical Group is scaling up, and their website is keeping pace. With a custom CMS, they can add, change, and update information as their business grows. No friction, no fuss.

Southeast Medical Group
Full-stack development


Southeast Medical Group, the largest independent medical group in the southeast of the US, found themselves in a challenging position. As they continued to acquire new clinics and expand their services, the volume of their digital content grew exponentially. From doctor profiles to clinic locations, accepted insurances, and operating hours, the data they needed to manage was vast and constantly changing. The system they had in place was not only inefficient but also costly, with simple updates like changing a doctor's name incurring significant charges.

Recognizing the need for a more streamlined and cost-effective solution, SEMG turned to us at Ruhe. We understood that they needed a system that would give them full control over their content, allowing them to manage it efficiently and independently. Our solution was to develop a custom CMS using Sanity, a powerful and flexible platform that could accommodate their growing needs.

The result was a transformative digital solution that not only met SEMG's needs but exceeded their expectations. With their new custom CMS, they can now easily add, change, delete, and update any information they want. This includes detailed profiles for doctors, comprehensive listings for locations, and up-to-date information for blogs, events, and more. The system we developed for them not only saves them tens of thousands a year but also allows them to scale their content as their business scales, without any friction. It's a solution that gives them control of their own content without having to deal with any design issues.

What we did

  • Fronted development
  • UI/UX
  • Custom CMS development
  • Copywrighting

Ruhe's expertise extends beyond traditional web development. They leveraged their comprehensive industry knowledge to provide the most efficient and effective technological solutions for our healthcare website.

VP of Marketing
Southeast Medical Group
Control over content
Middle men needed for updates
Faster content updates
Annual savings

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