Case Study - Showcase Your Value, Attract the Right Talent

Southeast Primary Care Partners is more than just a company, it's a vision for the future of healthcare. With a custom website, they're showing potential talent and acquisitions what they're all about.

Southeast Primary Care Partners
Full-stack development


Southeast Primary Care Partners, a leading healthcare organization, found themselves at a crossroads. Their mission was to attract top-tier talent, acquire clinics, and expand their influence in the healthcare sector. However, their existing digital presence, a basic WordPress template, was not effectively communicating their value proposition or showcasing their unique advantages.

Recognizing the need for a more robust and dynamic digital platform, SPCP turned to us at Ruhe. We understood that they needed more than just a website - they needed a digital platform that would effectively communicate their vision, values, and benefits to potential talent and acquisitions.

We embarked on a journey to transform SPCP's digital presence. Transitioning them from a basic WordPress template to a custom Next.js/Sanity project, we focused on creating a platform that would truly represent SPCP's brand and vision. We expanded the content and information related to why a doctor should join them, giving them a platform that not only communicates what they do but also how they can help potential talent.

The result was a website that truly separates SPCP from the rest. With modern features like a video streaming repository built inside of Sanity, SPCP now has a digital platform that is as innovative and forward-thinking as they are. It's a platform that allows their brand to grow as they do, setting them apart in the competitive healthcare landscape and positioning them as a leading choice for top talent and potential acquisitions.

What we did

  • Fronted development
  • UI/UX
  • Custom CMS development
  • Copywrighting

Ruhe is committed to delivering cost-effective, scalable solutions, tailor-made for our unique needs. Their dedication to customer service excellence and delivering top-tier results is unmatched.

VP of Marketing
Southeast Primary Care Partners
Content Expansion
Video Streaming Feature
Use of generic templates

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